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Private Classes

Book now!

Please click here for a $10 credit to schedule classes with me via iTalki.

I will soon have scheduling available directly via my website.

I offer 30, 45 and 60-minute classes via Skype.

Discounted packages are available for 5 and 20 classes.

My  classes

Most of my students can already “get by” in English. They can express themselves, but sometimes they get stuck and can't seem to find the right words. Is this you? 


My focus is helping my students with REAL WORLD English! I want my students to sound natural & confident.


  • I help my students understand why we say things like “He’s been married to her” instead of “He’s been married with her”

  • I teach my students phrasal verbs like “ get away” and “stick out”.

  • I make sure my students understand the difference between “a lot” vs “too”

  • I help edit & revise thesis papers for my graduate students. [continued below]

  • I help medical professionals + medical students understand how terminology differs from country to country; for example “aliviarse” has a very unique meaning in Mexico, which is very different from other Spanish-speaking countries.


Even if you don’t continue with regular classes with me, after the first class I will give you my honest opinion of your level and specific areas that you might focus on.


Teaching is my passion and I believe it shows. Check my reviews and student to lesson ratio :)


He ayudado a más de 350 estudiantes de todo el mundo en acercarse a sus metas cuando se refiere a los idiomas y espero ayudarte a ti también.


*I don't offer classes for kids or groups at this time*

I generally follow a content-based learning approach. Although your conversational skills will surely improve, this is NOT the same as a conversational approach. If you are looking for 100% conversation all of the time, I am not the teacher for you.


I use authentic material, scenarios & themes with my students. More will be explained in our first class. An optional English placement test is available, if interested.




  • B.A in Spanish

  • 370+ repeat students

  • two national medical interpreter certifications

  • two credentials to teach in Texas (Spanish + Health EC-12)

  • nearly a decade of experience

  • I currently work full-time in a Level 1 Trauma Center

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