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Mind your own business

Just yesterday I was going over this with a student. Have you heard this before?

If someone tells you to mind your business, that means you shouldn't be concerned with details that are irrelevant to you.

If you ask someone a very personal or sensitive question, they might respond with "That's none of your business" or "mind your business"

People who gossip a lot need to mind their own business.

Other ways of saying mind your business:

  • stay in your lane

  • mind the business that pays you

  • stop being so nosey

Nosey (nosy) is an adjective used to describe someone who is always is other people's business. Don't be this person!

Nosey is not the same as curious.

It's good to be curious, but nosey is overly curious and always has a negative connotation.

Create a sentence below in the comments using what you've just learned.

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